12 things you need to know if you want to be famous (2023)

Being famous sounds pretty fabulous. You get a lot of followers on social media, everyone knows who you are, and there is alocoamount of rewards. Also, you are probably making a lot of money. But then again, if becoming (and staying) famous was easy, everyone would do it! It can take months, if not years, of dedication and hard work. Even people who became household names "overnight" often spend hours and hours pushing behind the scenes.

If you want to become famous, from Instagram, YouTube or otherwise, there are some expert-approved tips and tricks that will make your path to fame a little easier. I spoke with Laura Vogel, owner ofwinged dogs productions(a social media marketing and production company) and publicist Jill Fritzo, who has impersonated Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and more celebrities to describe exactly how you, dear reader, can become a celebrity. Don't forget about me when you fly with top-notch gummy vitamins, okay?

Know your brand.

If you want to be famous, you have toMust, you MUST cultivate an identity that is authentic to you, whether it's telling jokes as a comedian, creating delicious cookie recipes, or singing songs that I can't get out of my head.

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"Know who you are and create a brand identity," recommends Vogel. "But don't get sucked into that. Shane Dawson is a prime example. He's had at least three different lives online and his audience has followed him. That's because, even though he changed, everything he did was authentic at the time."

Above all, you have to trust your instincts and be true to yourself, says Vogel. Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you believe in.

If you have talent, hire an agent.

For those seeking a more traditional route to fame (singing, acting, modeling, etc.), they will need an agent, manager, or some form of representation. According to Fritzo, these professionals will help you not only in your job search, but also in strategic planning and in making big decisions about your career.

Nest, nest, nest!

It really is about who you know. Both Fritzo and Vogel say that networking is an absolute must when trying to get famous. Email, PM, call, or even leave a comment on Instagram to connect with others working in your field. And if the contact leads to some kind of collaboration that can grow your audience, even better. "There are some things that can happen to you if you meet the right people," Fritzo said.

Ask for help.

Getting recognized for your craft is a (duh) daunting endeavor, so turn to the pros whenever you can. "You'll know when you need it, whether you're a staff member, an editor or a publicist," says Vogel. “If you have a creative vision and don't have the skills to execute it, try to teach yourself first, and at the same time find people who have and work with those skills. You will learn more from your coworkers than you can imagine, and your work will be better if you have different opinions.

Don't expect to become a success overnight.

That's not gonna happen. Even people who seemed to stumble upon success in an instant usually worked hard at it. Take YouTube queen Jenna Marbles for example. "Everyone who is famous on the Internet has something that really raised their profile," Vogel said. “For Jenna Marbles, it was 'How to make people think you're beautiful.' She looks like she's just messing around her apartment before work and recording a video without a real audience. The reality is that she worked at Barstool Sports and created content for months before releasing this video.

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How do you make people think you're beautiful?

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You're going to get hate, and that's okay.

For every person who loves you/your job, there are 10 others who have no interest in you or even like what you do. As Fritzo says: “You will never please everyone, but nobody. All good." You have to let the negative feedback flow, Vogel adds, or else you're trying to please people and freaking out. If someone doesn't like what you're doing, they're just not your audience, and it's OK.

Stick to your daily work. Serious.

I love your confidence, but I'm sorry honey, this is going to take a while. If you go the influencer/creator route, creating quality content is expensive. "You can do a lot with an iPhone these days, but iPhones aren't cheap," Vogel warns, "and the more money you put into production, the better they look."

Another pro tip: Don't quit your job until you've made enough money from your newfound fame to support you for at least six months.

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Diversify your platform.

Don't rely solely on one or two sources of income (sponsorships, ads, merchandising, etc.) to make money. Vogel suggests checking things likePatreon, live performances or even parties.

"When you treat someone badly, it comes out and you pay a price for it."

do not be an idiot

No matter what industry you want to get into, Vogel says her number one piece of advice is: be a good person. "You rely on the abilities of others, the attention of others, and the fact that they find you funny, interesting, and likable. When you treat someone badly, it comes out and you pay a price for it. Don't discriminate, don't make racist jokes or sexists, don't be transphobic. Just don't do it. It doesn't just mean online, it means in person."

It by no means works for everyone.

It would be nice if there was a 5 step plan to guarantee stardom but lol, dream like a kid. The reality is that you can do exactly the same thing that another influencer did and... nothing... happens. You have to try different tactics and see what works for you.

Work your ass.

You've probably figured this out by now (um, I hope), but becoming famous is NOT. SIMPLY. You have to constantly work (like every day), research, plan and publish only your best work. All those photos that look easy on Instagram are usually fake. "Hard work wins," says Fritzo. "Things that seem easy aren't always easy. There's a lot going on behind the scenes. Learn to manage time. You're the boss of what you release."

Fame for fame's sake should not be the goal.

Of course, you want worldwide recognition for your excellent workout routines. Kayla Itsines-style, but unless you focus on the actual "product" rather than your A-lister status, (potential) fans won't trust you.

“People come to me all the time because they want to get famous online, but I tell them that while Instafame is possible, the goal should be to create content that you believe in, for a community that is really close to you.” Vogel explains.

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