Back Coating Cost Guide 2023: Prices for Dutch, Hardiplank and More (2023)

Siding is one of the most popular siding installation options you will see across the country, and for good reason. It is aesthetically pleasing, very durable,low maintenance, and very easy to repair or replace.

Most homeowners pay between $5,100 and $14,250 for a standard 1,500-square-foot home. The average is around $8,250.

Monitoring:Over the past year, there has been a sporadic increase in the cost of lumber due to increased demand and tight supply.

So expect to spend 5-10% more on cladding materials and installation accessories than the prices below.

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what we cover

average coating cost

How much you spend on siding depends on the materials you choose, the type of siding, the size of your home, and other factors. However, you can spend as little as possible$ 1,50per square meter up to$ 9,50per square meter at the high end.

The national average for installing this siding is about8.250 $for a 1,500 square foot house.

Here you will find an overview of the costs for materials, labor and consumables.

coating costsPro Quadratfuß$ 1,50$ 9,50
cost of feed materialPro Quadratfuß$ 0,90$ 2,50
Cost of coating materials and equipmentPro Quadratfuß$ 0,50$ 2
Labor costs of the coatingPro Quadratfuß$ 2$ 5
Average installation costs1500 square foot house5.100 $14.250 $

Average backing cost for 1,500 square feet = $9,675

Back panel cost per square meter

The average homeowner pays betweenUS$ 3,40 – US$ 9,50per square meter for the installation of rear walls, depending on the desired rear wall. The materials will costUS$ 0,90 – US$ 2,50per square meter, while equipment and accessories cost$ 0,50 - $ 2per square meter

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Coating costs overlaid by material

Since siding is not a material but an assembly or laying technique, it offers a wide range of material options.

Each of these materials has different prices, with wood and vinyl being among the most affordable optionssynthetic stonesat the upper end.

The size, quality and thickness of the materials also affect the overall cost of the project. Thick, high quality materials are generally more expensive but may have longer warranties and better lifespans.

Materialcost per square meterCost 1500 square meters
Brasilholz$ 4 - $ 14$ 6.000 - $ 21.000
Cedar$ 2 - $ 10$ 3.000 - $ 15.000
Pino$ 1,5 - $ 5$ 2.250 - $ 7.500
cypress$ 1,5 - $ 5$ 2.250 - $ 7.500
VinylUS$ 3,80 - US$ 7,506.506 $ - 12.000 $
Faserzement / Hardie Plank$ 5 - $ 157.500 $ - 22.500 $
synthetic stone$ 10 - $ 30$ 15.000 - $ 45.000
Connection$ 3 - $ 7$ 4.500 - $ 10.500
MetalUS$ 2,50 - US$ 309.500 $ - 25.500 $

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The most common types of siding options include:

The Brazilian and cedar wood panels are thecheapest wooden floorand the most popular overlap track for horizontal installation. This is because they are readily available and can be installed in different styles and shapes.

Other viable wood paneling options include pine, cypress, and Douglas fir.

The average cost of cedar siding ranges from$ 2 - $ 10whileRedwood siding costsfrom somewhere$ 4 - $ 14per square foot pine andCypress siding costs $ 1,5 - $ 5, with the cost of Douglas fir siding$ 5 - $ 15per square meter

Note: This cost may be higher depending on shipping costs to your location.


Vinyl is another inexpensive material that comes into play for its weather resistance, ease of installation, and looksmany types and styles. The mediavinyl siding coststays in betweenUS$ 3,80 – US$ 7,50per square foot, but that can go up to$ 12depending on the brand of vinyl.

synthetic stone

Although engineered stone is quite expensive, it offers some of the best finishes and textures for cladding. It is also weather, fire and insect resistant. You can expect to spend anywhere$ 10 - $ 30per square meter of this material.

Alternatives to this material would be natural stone, brick or any other masonry surface.

composite wood

Composite wood, a new breed of engineered wood, is also perfect as a siding option. It is very easy to install and can resist rot and insects well, making it very durable.

On average, such a material costs approx.$ 3 - $ 7Pro Quadratfuß.

Faserzement / Hardiplank

For the back panel, fiber cement is the widest choice of materials and one of the best. It is far more durable than vinyl or wood.low maintenanceCost fiber cement siding is also resistant to peeling and chipping and comes in a variety of sizes and designs.

The average cost of using this material starts at$ 5 - $ 15installed once per square meter.


Although metal siding isn't the first material that comes to mind, it's still one of the best alternatives. Metals like steel and aluminum are strong, durable, and relatively inexpensive.

They are also weather, insect and fire resistant and give the homeowner a wide range of color options to choose from when repainting.

The mediametal cladding costbetween lies$ 2 - $ 30per square meter, depending on the type of metal used.

Coating approval and inspection costs

There are also intermediate costs before the lap is installed75 US-Dollar – 300 US-Dollarto obtain a building permit and carry out the necessary inspections. However, these costs are subject to the regulations of your municipality.

Check with your installer or your local planning and development department to see if a permit is required.

Monitoring:Some city planning centers may have these details online on their website.

coating labor costs

If you choose to hire a professional contractor to install side panels, the cost of labor will depend on your price. On average, their labor cost estimates range from$ 2 - $ 8per square meter or around$ 40 – $ 70per hour when they charge per hour.

Some factors that may increase these costs could be the need for additional services such as: B. Surface preparation and repair work, your location and the type of cladding you prefer.

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Coating cost by type

Aside from the material differences, there are also different types of backliners on the market today. Some of the most common types on the market include the popular hardiplank, dutch batten, shiplap, etc.

Understanding the differences between these workarounds is crucial if you want to save money on this installation.

Here is a breakdown of how much each would cost.

Type of side panel

Type of side panelCrowdLowAlt
Hardi bookshelfper square meter$ 7,5013 $
Ripaper square meter$ 6,5011 $
dutch tourper square meter$ 3$ 12
overlapper square meter$ 2,80$ 12,50
channel gapper square meter$417 $
beveled backper square meter$ 3$ 7
Nickelspaltper square meter$ 2$ 9
Beaded lap coverper square meter$ 2,50$ 8

clapboard cladding

Clapboard or traditional paneling is the most well known type of back panel paneling. In fact, most people think socedar panelingwhen they talk about detours backwards.

In addition to the popular wood, there are several material options such as vinyl and fiber cement. It is the perfect side panel if you are looking for a classic home design.

The main distinguishing feature of the batten is that it is horizontal and each board is wedge-shaped with a wide bottom and thin top. It is also laid in such a way that the planks overlap, creating a uniform profile.

Price clapboard is one of the most affordable styles. The average installation cost of this coating ranges from$ 6,50 - $ 11per square foot or between9.750 US-Dollar – 16.500 US-Dollarfor a 1,500 square foot house.

Dutch side

Dutch siding, also known as horizontal siding, is another popular siding that is similar to clapboard siding. It is installed horizontally and has a profile similar to the batten.

The main difference between these panels is that Dutch Col features a concave surface or curve (or shadow line) that runs along the top edges of each panel.

This gives it a dramatic overlap and a sophisticated look with more texture, similar to colonial-style architecture. The Dutch Tour is also known for thismore durable coating and lasts longer.

Thanks to its sloping and angular shape, it ensures that snow and rainwater do not accumulate on the sides after a storm, but run off. This improves its longevity and reduces its maintenance needs.

Traditionally, the Dutch lap was designed exclusively in wood for a premium look. But today you can get the same results with cheaper alternatives like vinyl.
The installation of such a side panel costs between$ 3 - $ 12per square meter, depending on the material and location.


Shiplap is another popular type of backing board that differs from most other options in the way the boards overlap. Unlike Dutch Board and Slat, the Overlap has no grooves or shadow lines.

Instead it is milled to ensure the panels overlap at the top with very tight joints. The edges of each layer are very narrow and when placed on top of the next layer, the side panel looks like a flat or solid surface.

In addition to the popular horizontal installation.shiplap cladding can also be installed verticallylight.

While wood is the traditional material for this installation, today's manufacturers have also developed vinyl and fiber cement options.

Öaverage installed cost of rollover tracksvaries betweenUS$ 2,80 – US$ 12,50per square meter. These costs include materials, labor and consumables.

Hardiplank sidewall

In the recent past, hardiplank floors have quickly gained traction with homeowners across the country. Hasfiber cement panelswith wooden structures installed horizontally.

Homeowners have the option of choosing between two types of HardiPlank, with or without a thicker (rounder) edge.

The flooring is also available in four types namely Cedarmill, Smooth, HardieShingle and HardiePanel. Cedarmill takes on the texture of wood, clapboard mimics the look of wood siding, while HardiePanel is vertical siding.

the overall projectCost of installing HardiPlank side panelsIt's between7,50 US-Dollar – 13 US-Dollarper square meter. The Hardiplank panel materials alone cost betweenUS$ 0,80 bis US$ 6per square meter

beveled back

Beveled back panels, often confused with clapboards, are another great type of back panel. It is laid horizontally and has different profiles (heights), but differs from shingle boards in the way the planks are prepared.

Generally, beveled boards are sanded and cut into triangular shapes, with one end slightly sloped and thicker than the other.

This option is preferred by some homeowners because of its light weight, severe furrow or shadow line, and cost. Expect to spend anywhere$ 3 - $ 7per square meter to install this coating.

Canal Gap return trip bypass

Also known as rustic channel siding, this siding is popular for its rough, rustic texture. Siding is very similar to shiplap siding except the channel planks are not connected.

The profile of each tile overlaps that of the next tile, forming a channel that acts as a shadow line. Installing this coating is relatively easy as it can be applied horizontally or vertically.

One of the greatest advantages of this coating is its weather resistance, attractive appearance and textured surface.

Expect to spend anywhere$ 4 - $ 17per square meter for this coating.

Nickel-plated aperture plating

The nickel plating is very similar to the channel and overlay plating. The only major difference is that with slotted nickel siding, the panels have a relatively smaller uniform spacing between them.

You will also find that the nickel orifice liners have a smoother appearance due to the tongue and groove panels. They also offer several pre-made options in different colors for a nice, contemporary look.

What makes this coating so popular is that its tongue and groove panels hide most surface nails.

Installing the nickel plating costs from$ 2 - $ 9per square meter

Beaded lap cover

Pearl back linings are among the least popular and most common types of back linings compared to other lining fabrics. However, they are still a beautiful and decorative option.

Beaded siding features horizontal boards with thick edges or "beads" at one end. This allows the siding to form a single shadow where the top and bottom courses overlap.

Expect to spend anywhereUS$ 1,30 bis US$ 6per square foot for materials and between $2,50 – $ 8per square meter for total cost.

Additional cost factors

In addition to material, labor and coating costs, there are other cost factors to consider:

  • Home Story Installations: Multi-story homes complicate work and increase labor and material costs.
  • House Shape - Oddly shaped houses, such as circular, hexagonal, and other custom architectural shapes increase overall costs, including labor and material costs.
  • Removal of existing siding - if you need to remove first andreplace your old existing sidingexpect to spend a little moreUS$ 0,25 bis US$ 0,75per square meter
  • Season: Cladding your home during peak seasons (spring, fall, and summer) will cost more due to the high demand for siding contractor services.

Cost of homemade lapliners

Choosing to install lap siding as a DIY can save you up to 40% on labor costs. The average cost of installing siding ranges from$ 1,40 - $ 5per square foot, covering materials and accessories.

However, you should consider your DIY experience before starting the project. Installing side panels is not the easiest task for a beginner and one small mistake can cost you dearly in the long run.

Pros and cons of lap siding


  • Relatively cheap, depending on the material chosen
  • hard wearing and long lasting
  • Flexibility in style, material and color.
  • Most options require less maintenance
  • Options like HardiPlank have good energy efficiency and excellent fire resistance
  • Easy to install and repair.


  • Some options can be expensive
    Most wood siding provides little insulation.
  • Poor installation can increase costs

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frequently asked questions

It depends on the material used for installation. However, the most popular options, wood and vinyl, typically last between 20 and 50 years.

Yes! Tail liners are very versatile, help improve curb appeal and require very little maintenance. With the right type of cladding and the right material, it is also much cheaper.

Between$ 3.000 - $ 11.250. The cost may be higher depending on the material chosen and the type of overlap installation desired.

It depends. Horizontal paneling is inexpensive and the most popular option in the country. This makes it best if you want to blend in with your neighborhood's architectural style.

Vertical siding can be expensive and difficult to install, but is easier to maintain and tends to last longer.

Compared to clapboard, the Dutch Lap offers better durability and aesthetics, but costs a little more.

Back Coating Cost Guide 2023: Prices for Dutch, Hardiplank and More (5)

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