BTS (Mafia! AU) reacts to you being a badass. (2023)

BTS (Mafia! AU) reacts to you being a badass. (1)

Pairing:bts x player
Hints:no idol! ow ; mafia!au; mentions of murder (and all that goes with it); Tongue ; mentions of sex
sexual gender:Crack; mentions of profanity; not polite?

e:aaaah i love it when the reader is a badass omg. that's like my kink lol. hope you like it! (top offers are in my description box)

BTS (Mafia! AU) reacts to you being a badass. (2)

Kim Seokjin

BTS (Mafia! AU) reacts to you being a badass. (3)

"Jin, they're not worth it," you tried to pull your man away from the other three gangsters Bangtan had long argued with, but when the next sentence left one of your lips, the second one was even lost. You are great.

"Yes Jin. You better listen to your wife before we take your cufflinks.

Call him rude, call him a protective mother, but Jin didn't even have time to react as you had already turned and punched the boy in the face before kicking the other in the balls and pulling out a knife you were holding him. . the throat of the third.

Threaten my children again, I'll cut off their tails and make them eat them. Understand me?"

And although mafia members like to bully and pretend nothing scares them, they would run away from you as soon as possible.

And Jin gaped at you as you put the knife back.

"Jagi... you never told me you could do that."

"I didn't know either," you shrugged, "I think I missed it when they mentioned the kids."

" least now I know our kids won't be harmed because you won't let them," she chuckled as she put an arm around his shoulder, "Come on. Let's go home and give them a kiss goodbye." Nights Together.

Min Yoongi

BTS (Mafia! AU) reacts to you being a badass. (4)

"Honey what are you doing right now?" You tried to shake off sleep as you sat up in bed, "It's three in the morning."

"Something's wrong... I think someone's trying to hack into our system," Yoongi typed on his keyboard, too focused on the screen in front of him to notice you're getting out of bed. And a moment later they were sitting on his lap, "(Y/N) this is not the right time for sex."

"Shut up," they murmured, pushing their hands away while continuing to type on the keyboard, "Sounds like a leak to me. Are you sure you can trust everyone who works for you?

"First of all, when did you learn that?"

"We've been married for three years. i have some stuff Now answer my question.

(Video) Jungkook Bts ff . Jungkook fall in love with a badass . (Felix Renegade) (read description)

"I don't know. There was a guy that Namjoon wasn't sure about."

"Then take him. This happened because someone from within helped these people. You make sure you get the guy, I make sure they don't get any information.

Yoongi managed to get under you and was about to leave when he turned and said, "Hey, (Y/N)? When we come back we should really fuck.

They started laughing, "Of course. Whatever you want."


BTS (Mafia! AU) reacts to you being a badass. (5)

Did you like that your husband taught your son how to shoot? Do not. Do you think it is necessary for him to know? Absolutely.

As much as you hated them, you knew that sooner or later your child would have to fend for themselves. You were just grateful that Hoseok had waited so long for me to hold a gun for the first time.

And so, as he walked to the backyard of his mansion, he saw his son missing the mark completely and let out a disappointed sigh.

"Sorry Daddy… I'm not very good at this," his head and shoulders sagged, but Hoseok immediately knelt in front of him and grabbed his chin.

"That is not easy. We'll work on it as long as it takes..."

"It took your father years to get good at target shooting, you know?" you interrupted, your two men looked at you.

"Really dad?"

"I..." isn't really what he wanted his son to say, to be honest. I wanted to be that tough mafia member, but that's okay.Thanks woman.

"Here, take care of your mother, okay?" You took the gun from Hoseok's hand, loaded it and fired it, hitting the target without hesitation.

"WOW! Mom, that was CRAZY!" Her son was jumping up and down, "PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO DO THIS!"

"Sure," you kiss the top of his head and look at your husband, "How about you change our daughter's diaper in the meantime, honey? And you bathe too? In the meantime I will teach our son how to shoot".

"Don't play with fire, (Y/N)" he whispered in your ear as he passed you, "or we'll have our third child in nine months."

Kim Nam Joon

(Video) When your seven cold husbands react to your k-drama fan edits ( Bts ff) ( fan request)

BTS (Mafia! AU) reacts to you being a badass. (6)

"We have to smuggle this out," Namjoon told his teammates, "anyone have a plan?"

dead silence.

Because no, none of them had any idea how to smuggle something that big into a goddamn safe area like this.

Well... one did.

"Uh… hyung? How is (Y/N) pregnant? And... how does he approach the security gate?

Lanes immediately appeared on screen as they saw you walk up to the bouncer with a pregnant bump that everyone knew was wrong.

But not security.

"Hey," they smiled brightly at the man and even brighter when he smiled back, "Um...I was wondering if you could help me. My husband works indoors and I must have forgotten my ID. Did you know? "Would you mind calling him for me?" and make him catch me? He wanted to take me to the hospital.

"The hospital? Are you alright, miss?”

"The contractions aren't that bad yet, but you know... I don't want the baby in the middle of the street," you laughed.

The bouncer looked around and gently placed his hand on his lower back to guide him inside. "Just bring it yourself. And take care of yourself and your baby, okay?

"Thank you Sir. I really appreciate that. I'll be sure to tell my husband about you, maybe I'll even get a raise."

And a moment later you called your friend with a proud smile on your face: "Just tell me where I put the package, honey."

Jimin was the first to react and said, "You'd better marry her, hyung."

park jimin

BTS (Mafia! AU) reacts to you being a badass. (7)

"I told you that was a bad idea!" Jimin panicked as he looked at the police cars chasing his car. "They will catch us!"

"Keep driving," Namjoon ordered, preparing his gun to fire at the cars again.

Meanwhile, you snort and shake your head.

(Video) badass girl bts ft blackpink ep1

we will change

"You are crazy?!"

"No. I'll sit on your lap, hit the gas and then you're in my seat.” Not that he had much of a choice, because a moment later you were sitting on him. “Tell your cock to stop shaking, it won't end with me riding you.

"How do you expect me not to get horny when you ride me like that?" He quickly climbed into the passenger seat and was shocked to death at how good you were at it.

He was quick too, but you were... skillful. You knew which roads to take, where to go, and where you would miss the police cars chasing you. You could drive, so Namjoon and the others could shoot the cars behind you.

And before you know it, you're back at your base and nobody's chasing you anymore.

"If I had known you could drive a getaway car like that, I would have asked you to do it much earlier," Namjoon chuckled. "Nice job, (Y/N). Now go ahead, give Jimin an orgasm before he explodes.”

And with that, the rest of Bangtan got out of the car and you looked at Jimin's terribly protruding boner.

"What? That was sexy,” he shrugged, but then chuckled as you sat over him.

Kim Tae Hyung

BTS (Mafia! AU) reacts to you being a badass. (8)

When Taehyung found out his wife had been kidnapped, he lost you. He nearly killed three of his brothers, eight employees, and actually killed two suspects.

No one knew where you were or who took you.

Only when they got a message saying that if Taehyung wanted you back he would have to bring a certain amount of cash and guns.

And if he tried to do any tricks, they would kill him in front of them.

And because he couldn't imagine losing you, he brought you everything they wanted and more just to make sure you're okay.

"Now give me back my wife," he commanded as he dropped the two bags onto the dirty floor in front of him.

"Oh come on, Taehyung. Did you really think it was that easy? The guy in front of him giggled, but then his eyes widened as shots suddenly rang out from the car.

And a moment later the doors opened and a lifeless body was thrown at him.


"(Y/N)" Taehyung's eyes widened as he watched you wipe the blood from your nose and the earlier angry look turned into a smile.

"Hello, baby. I'm glad you made it," you walk past the two guys and put a bullet in the other's head before taking the money and guns, "I'd really like to take a shower... you have to do something else, or can we go home?"

He just looked at you in disbelief for a moment before whispering, "You know...when our daughter told me you're a tough guy, I probably should have believed her."

I should. But that would have spoiled the surprise.

Jeon Jeongguk

BTS (Mafia! AU) reacts to you being a badass. (9)

Jeongguk used to be really good at poker. Especially in these types of poker games where some or all but one usually die at the end. The stakes were much higher than normal poker games.

But this opponent he played against today was not only a ruthless man, but an incredibly skilled player.

And you knew that Jeongguk would lose.

And because you liked your boyfriend and would like to be with him a little longer, you suddenly walk into the room as confidently as possible, all eyes on you.

"Who are you?" asked the guy in front of Jeongguk, his friend shaking his head as if to tell you to go.

But you just sat next to him with a small smile, “I heard you're losing a player”, your eyes looked at the body on the ground, not even shaking from the corpse, “So I thought I'd try my luck. "

"Honey, you don't know what you're getting into."

"I think I do...affection.“

The guy didn't care or he just liked the way he looked. The key to these things was the dress. They wore one that exposed the cleavage and breasts a bit, so guys wouldn't mind if it meant they could look at a pretty woman.

But he cared when you suddenly won, even if he cheated.

"That's impossible."

"Rules are rules," you pulled your gun from the holster strapped to your thigh and smiled, "You owe me a life."

And even though his bodyguards were already drawing their guns, you and Jeongguk killed the rest of the people in the room in the blink of an eye, so it was just you and him.

(Video) When they see you fighting for the first time....|| K.TH ff ||

"You never told me you knew how to play..."

"Actually, I can't," you showed him the cards you cheated with and winked, "I'm a better cheater than him."

Oh how I loved you


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