Cheapest gastric surgery in the US (2023)

Cheapest gastric surgery in the US (1)

Obesity in the United States has increased exponentially over the past two decades. While affordable weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass surgery are a proven solution to this growing problem, many Americans are uninsured or not approved for bariatric surgery by their insurance companies. If you have to pay out of pocket, it makes sense to look for the cheapest gastric bypass surgery in the United States.

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Affordable weight loss surgeries

Affordable weight loss procedures do not necessarily compromise safety, quality of service or standard of care. You need to be a little more open-minded as you explore all the options, weigh their pros and cons, and then make an informed decision within your budget. Planning ahead allows you to do a careful cost-benefit analysis and find affordable bariatric surgery.

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Different operations cost differently

To begin with, you should consult with a bariatric surgeon to determine if you are a candidate for gastric bypass surgery. This is one of the most effective and affordable weight loss surgeries. The cheapest gastric bypass surgery in the United States can cost significantly less than other more complex bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass and duodenal switch.

Different destinations cost differently

If you are looking for cheap gastric bypass surgery in the United States, keep an open mind about traveling to a state where surgical costs are significantly lower than in your home country. That said, be prepared to explore low-cost options for gastric bypass surgery in a medical tourism destination like Mexico, where this procedure can save you up to 70% on your costs.

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Is gastric sleeve the cheapest weight loss surgery?

If you are operating on a limited budget, you naturally want to know what is the cheapest weight loss surgery? Cheap (laparoscopic) stomach surgery is the best and cheapest solution you can find anywhere in the world. Most of the affordable weight loss surgeries performed today are tummy tucks.

  • Cost comparison I: an abdominal operationInexpensive options will be significantly lower than a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or duodenal switch, which are more complex procedures. A gastric sleeve is simpler, more accessible, has fewer complications and is more competitively priced across the board.
  • Cost Comparison II:Less expensive gastric sleeve options will be competitive with a much less effective procedureadjustable lap band surgery or lap band. The success rate of a gastric sleeve is much higher, while many surgeons do not even offer a gastric sleeve.
  • Cost comparison III:A traditional open cutVSGor innovativesingle cut VSGare more expensive alternatives compared to standard laparoscopic gastric surgery. When you are looking for the safest and cheapest weight loss surgery, the standard abdominal sleeve is ideal.

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The cost of a cough in the United States

Inexpensive gastric bypass surgery in the United States can cost, on average, between $15,000 and $20,000. It is important to understand that these are just average cost estimates for low-cost gastric bypass surgery in the United States, but actual costs vary from practice to practice. Here is a basic checklist to keep in mind when considering the cheapest US gastric sleeves.

  • Check what is included in the quote you received for the cheapest weight loss surgery
  • Check the qualifications, certifications and experience of the bariatric surgeon who will perform your VSG surgery
  • Check with the hospital or surgery center to see if your cheap gastric bypass surgery will be performed in the United States
  • Check with your health insurance company to see if they are eligible and will reimburse you in whole or in part for a gastric sleeve in the US
  • Check payment terms, financing options and look for hidden costs in your cheap offer for stomach surgery
  • Check others availableOptions for weight loss surgeryand carry out an independent cost comparison before committing

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How to find the cheapest stomach surgery in the USA

If your goal is to reduce costs, you should look for the cheapest gastric sleeve state in the US and be prepared to travel for a few days. Do your own research beforehand and choose a dedicated pairbariatric surgeons, check out their websites and call their offices to get a quote for the cheapest gastric bypass surgery in the US.

  • Fate:When you're willing to travel to the cheapest place to get a tummy tuck fitted, you can save a significant amount of money. Some states have lower property costs, lower income per per capita and lower taxes. Here are the cheapest gastric sleeve options in the US.
  • Surgical placement:You can choose to have your stomach surgery done cheaply in the United States, in a hospital, an accredited surgical center or in a private operating room. Costs and benefits will vary in any case, so make a wise decision within your budget after consulting your surgeon.
  • Surgeon's choice:Some weight loss surgeons in the US enjoy a high reputation and can charge a much higher surgery fee because they are always busy and overbooked. Your goal should be to look for a discreet but skilled surgeon who will provide the same results at an affordable price.

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Mexico: The cheapest place to get whooping cough for US residents

Thousands of women and men across the United States are now choosing Mexico as their destination of choice for the cheapest prices.surgical procedures for weight loss. The savings will be huge if you choose Mexico over the United States for your safe and affordable gastric bypass surgery. Mexico is the cheapest place to get a gastric sleeve for US residents and offers a number of benefits.

  • Proximity:Traveling to Mexico is very comfortable and cheap, both by plane and by car. Even if you factor in travel and lodging costs, you'll still save thousands of dollars in Mexico when you compare it to the cheapest gastric bypass surgery in the United States.
  • High standard of service:Full-service hospitals and bariatric centers in Mexico are equipped with the latest surgical technologies. The bariatric surgeons are highly qualified and experienced, the staff is dedicated and bilingual, and the best care is available to American patients.
  • Personal service:From airport pickup to consultation, surgery and initial recovery, you can expect a lot of personal care and attention every step of the way in Mexico. You cannot expect this level of service if you choose the cheapest gastric bypass surgery in the United States.

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Why is stomach surgery cheaper in Mexico?

Patients sometimes wonder why stomach surgery in Mexico is cheaper? Does affordable weight loss surgery mean you have to compromise standards of care? This may be true if you are looking for the cheapest gastric bypass surgery in the US, but in Mexico you can get the highest quality care at a very low price. That is because:

  • Medical tourism is an integral part of the Mexican economy. Strong government subsidies are available to promote the cheapest weight loss procedures.
  • Hospitals in Mexico have low costs and must pay low salaries to staff. In this way, they can offer patients a gastric sleeve more cheaply.
  • SelfTop rated bariatric surgeons in Mexicowill charge a much lower fee than an American surgeon, reducing surgery costs.
  • Unlike in the United States, surgeons in Mexico typically do not need to spend money on malpractice insurance, which saves overhead.
  • The health care system in the United States is the most expensive in the world, while in Mexico you pay in full upfront for cheap stomach surgery.

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What is the cheapest and most effective weight loss surgery? ›

The laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, as the simplest and most straightforward weight loss surgery, is the most affordable bariatric surgery we offer.

Will the government pay for gastric bypass? ›

Medicare and Medicaid Coverage of Bariatric Surgery

Both Medicare and Medicaid cover some bariatric procedures, including gastric bypass surgery and laparoscopic banding surgery, for patients who meet the criteria.

How much is gastric bypass in the USA without insurance? ›

Key takeaways: Bariatric surgery (or weight-loss surgery) changes the structure of your digestive system to help you lose weight. The average bariatric surgery costs $7,400 to $33,000 before insurance coverage. Many insurance plans cover weight-loss surgery costs.

How do people afford gastric bypass? ›

Charity support for bariatric surgery

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is the premier nonprofit dedicated to helping people afford their procedures. The foundation raises funds to provide surgery assistance covering up to 90% of a qualified weight loss procedure.

Can you get gastric bypass at 200 lbs? ›

There is no set weight that you have to be to qualify for gastric sleeve surgery or any of the other bariatric surgery procedures. However, your doctor will want to see that you have attempted to lose weight through diet and exercise and are having trouble losing weight on your own.

What is the least aggressive weight loss surgery? ›

Minimally invasive laparoscopic technique works by limiting food intake, reducing appetite and slowing digestion. This is one of the safest, least invasive surgical weight loss options. No stomach stapling or intestinal rerouting. Adjustable and reversible bariatric surgery option.

How to afford weight loss surgery? ›

If you do not have health insurance, or if your insurer will not cover weight loss surgery, talk to your doctor and your surgeon about financing plans. Check on the interest rate, and make sure you are OK with all of the terms.

How much does gastric bypass surgery cost in Mexico? ›

Cost of Gastric Bypass in Mexico
Gastric bypass$5,495-$6,995$25,000

Is there a drug for weight loss? ›

The table below lists prescription drugs approved by the FDA for weight loss. The FDA has approved five of these drugs—orlistat (Xenical, Alli), phentermine-topiramate (Qsymia), naltrexone-bupropion (Contrave), liraglutide (Saxenda), and semaglutide (Wegovy)—for long-term use.

What can you never eat again after gastric bypass? ›

Foods to Avoid After Bariatric Surgery
  • Red meat that's tough or dry.
  • Greasy, high fat foods.
  • Heavily seasoned or spicy foods.
  • Sugar alcohols, such as erythritol, glycerol, mannitol, sorbitol and xylitol.
  • Foods reheated in the microwave.
Mar 4, 2022

How much is a gastric sleeve in Mexico? ›

The average cost of gastric sleeve in Mexico is approximately $4,300-$8,900 which usually comes in an “all-inclusive surgery package“. Remember this is self-pay only, meaning you are unable to use health insurance.

How much is gastric bypass pill? ›

The balloon pill costs about $4,000, a fraction of what a gastric bypass surgery costs, and is much less invasive.

Why is divorce rate so high after bariatric surgery? ›

“This could indicate that a patient's changing lifestyle post-surgery put them out of sync with their spouse,” King said. “It can be really hard when one spouse changes what they eat and how active they are, and desires more sexual activity, while the other doesn't. That can put significant strain on a marriage.

Is it possible to keep bariatric surgery a secret? ›

While weight loss surgery can lead to a higher quality of life for those that go through the procedure, there are many that still keep the fact that they have had weight loss surgery a secret.

Can you eat pizza after bariatric surgery? ›

Pizza and pasta are normally favorites, but after bariatric surgery, they should be consumed in moderation. If you are having pizza, order a thin crust and add veggies and lean meats, such as chicken or Canadian bacon. Overall, you should choose a menu item that is centered on protein, like grilled chicken or seafood.

Which weight loss surgery has the highest success rate? ›

Different procedures have slightly different results. The average weight loss after gastric bypass is about 70% of excess body weight. After a duodenal switch, it's about 80%. Weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy ranges between 30% and 80%.

What is the easiest and safest weight loss surgery? ›

The Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy is the most widely used, and safest, in the bariatric world.

What is the safest and most successful weight loss surgery? ›

After going through all the benefits and risks of weight loss surgery, we can say that Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy is the safest among all the surgeries. This surgery will make your stomach smaller, causing you to eat less. However, as with most surgical procedures, there is the risk of side effects and complications.

What is the safest and fastest weight loss surgery? ›

Results of the study found that of the three common surgical weight loss procedures, gastric sleeve surgery was the safest procedure with the lowest risk of side effects.


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