Cost calculator for long distance and international calls (2023)

Cost calculator for long distance and international calls (1)

This calculator can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with long distance calling. First enter the duration of a specific long distance call on your phone bill in minutes and the total cost of that call. Press ENTER and you will see the cumulative cost of your long distance calls (if you enter more than one into the calculator) and the average cost per minute of those calls.

The next time you make a long distance call, simply open this calculator page in your web browser and press START CALL TIMER. Using your phone bill information, you can track the cost of long distance calls in real time. That way, you won't be surprised the next time you open your phone bill.

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Today's Local Austerity Rates

The following table shows current rates for savings accounts, interest-bearing checking accounts, CDs, and demand accounts. Use the filters above to define the initial deposit amount and selected products.

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7 ways to save money on phone bills

Cost calculator for long distance and international calls (2)

Have your monthly phone costs increased? Or are you overwhelmed trying to keep up with multiple phone services? Are you wasting money on options you don't use? Do you want to save money on your phone bills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the following tips can help you find ways to reduce your phone bills and save money.

Free yourself from your landline

The cost of a landline and a cell phone is quite high. However, is there a reason you should have both? At one point, cell phone coverage was patchy, making it difficult for people to get a good enough signal at home. But today the signs are much stronger. It is increasingly common for peoplegive up your landlineat home and only use the cell phone. So save yourself the extra expense of two phones and get rid of the one that's only useful when you're at home.

Buy your phone in advance

Some carriers offer a "free" or discounted Apple iPhone with a 2-year contract. However, the phone is not, but the costs are included in your monthly bill. If the phone adds $30 in monthly charges, that adds $720 in charges over the 2-year contract.


change your plan

When was the last time you discussed your phone plan with a sales representative? If it's been a while, take a few minutes and adjust your plan. Cell phone carriers are constantly competing for your business, desperately trying to outdo their competitors. Because of that, they probably came up with a better plan with more minutes, more data, more texts, and all for less money than you paid. But if you're already a customer, they don't come to you to download the account; you have to go to them.

Choose a family plan

Aplano familiarThis is where multiple phones in a family connect, sharing minutes, data and SMS permissions. If you're part of a family that allows you to combine your bills into one plan, you'll save money. However, you have to consider how much time, data, and SMS each of you is currently consuming to make sure you're getting a family plan with enough usage for everyone included.

Use cheaper carriers

While AT&T and Verizon are known for having excellent coverage, there are a variety of other cell phone services that offer good coverage and lower prices. T-Mobile generally has lower prices and Sprint ran a popular advertising campaign.Offer to cut Verizon and AT&T bills in half. The WSJ offersan online savings calculator for mobile phone rates, but only covers the top 4 US airlines.

There is a plethora ofOMV Dealerwhich typically offer lower prices than you can get directly from Sprint or T-Mobile.Virgin Mobile SIM. UU.,tin,wireless republic,Cricket-Wireless,Metro PCS, YGoogle Fi ProjectAll discount options are worthwhile. Some of them offer contract-free services, multi-line discounts, auto-pay discounts, and other money-saving features like data transfer and unused minutes.

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Consider a prepaid phone

Is your cell phone something you only use occasionally? Is your cell phone more of a useful phone than a necessity? In that case, consider canceling your plan with your current carrier and purchasing a prepaid phone instead. With a prepaid phone, you can buy as many minutes as you like and top up as needed. Instead of paying a monthly fee for minutes you never use, save your money and only buy what you need.

If you only need cell phones for emergencies, you can save money with an inexpensive one.TracFone. Some of these low cost Google Android feature phones are available at Wal-Mart andon sites like Amazon.comfor just $5 or $10, and minutes can be pretty cheap too. A 1-year, 400-minute TracFone card costs $99.99, and their website often offers extra minutes promo codes that let you double your minutes for the same price.

manage your minutes

Cost calculator for long distance and international calls (3)

It's all too easy to not look at your bill when it comes in and just pay off the balance, but are you wasting money by not paying attention? Do you know if you are using too much or underusing your minutes? If you want to save money on your phone bills, you need to monitor your minute usage. If you go over your allowance, the phone companies will charge you exorbitantly for the excess. But if you're constantly underutilizing it, you're just giving your carrier free money. Either way, be aware of your usage and adjust your plan accordingly.

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Is SMS an option?

SMS has become a huge part of today's society. Some say that's how most communicate. However, not everyone needs to type text and doesn't want to either. If you're one of those people who don't need to send text messages, take a look at your plan and the rates you're currently paying. Depending on your mobile tariff, you may benefit from the fact that the SMS tariffs you pay monthly are no longer applicable. Once you're clear about what you're paying for texting, you can at least decide whether cutting those costs is worth it.

Monitor your data usage

With WiFi in most homes and free WiFi in many public spaces, it's extremely easy to monitor your data usage. However, you must first understand when to use the data. You can download and watch YouTube videos as many times as you like when connected to a Wi-Fi service as your data comes from the local internet. However, if you are not connected to WiFi, it will use your data plan every time you connect to the internet. So save money by surfing the web most of the time when connected to Wi-Fi and avoid additional charges.
Which of these ideas appeals to you the most for saving money on your phone bills?

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