Desk, desk systems and designer desk plans (2023)

Browse our collection of free table plans and build your own table - get exactly what you want, tailored to your space, and for much less.

Create a workspace you love with the perfect desk for your space and needs. Whether you need a small computer desk, an executive desk, or a modern office desk, we're here to help you turn your home office ideas into reality on a DIY budget.

Types of office desks.

Computer desktop:A computer desk is designed to fit a desktop computer with a hole for a chair. A computer desk can be as simple as a small desk, or it can be upgraded to include shelves or drawers. Computer tables may have desk cabinets for added style and storage. Computer desks are usually placed against a wall and the back may or may not be finished.

Management:An executive desk is like a computer desk but larger and usually designed to face the center of the room. Executive tables are finished on all four sides. Executive desks are commonly used in professional offices, but are gaining popularity in home offices due to their beauty and the ability for users to work towards the center of the room. How big is an executive desk? Executive desks are about the size of a rectangular table: 3 feet deep x 6 feet long.

Built-in wardrobe table:The built-in desk is perfect for a specific office space where you need ample storage space. Create a clean, custom look just like kitchen cabinets. Building it yourself allows you to create a truly custom solution. Cabinet tables are a great option when you need a storage table.

Corner tables or L:Corner or L-shaped desks offer users versatile work environments with much more desk space. Choose a corner desk when you have a large, dedicated space and need plenty of user workspace. A corner table can be as simple as a corner table on two pedestals, and here we have the plans for that.

bar tables: A standing desk is designed to be used standing up. Some tables can be converted between standing and sitting to create options for users.

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Inclined tables:If space is tight, try an adjustable desk. Slant tables are easy to build, offer plenty of storage space, and look stylish in a modern space. You can also build a standing tilt table.

Secretaries:Desks are a great way to add a hidden table to any room in your home. The front folds down to create an interior workspace. We have several free desktop plans.

Children's tables:Do your kids need dedicated workspaces for homework? Children's desks are great projects because they are fun and quick to make. For children's tables, try smaller sizes with dedicated storage and pair them with a fun chair.

save to computertable mountains: Storage tables are important when you need ample space and ways to store office supplies or files. Do you have a lot of paperwork? Cabins can double the storage space on a table.

Design Tables:Like an island in a room, a project table is good for working on projects and crafts. A project table is typically counter height and similar in size to a kitchen island. Consider a project desk in addition to a computer desk if space allows.

game table:A computer desk can be used for a game table. If you need multiple monitors, consider an end console. If you have a game tower, consider a table with storage underneath for your game console.

What should I look for in an office desk?

Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect table to build:

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  • table size- Do you need a design that saves space? Does the table have to fit in a certain space, for example in a corner or between windows?
  • save to computer- What items (if any) should be kept on the table? Do you need a filing system for many papers? Spacious drawers for office supplies? Need desk space for an extra monitor or printer?
  • Style- Should you build a modern table or a rustic table? Does the table have to match existing furniture and design elements in the office, living room or home?

What surface should I choose for a table?

The finish you choose for your desk is important so that it looks good in the room, matches the decor of the room, and the style of your home.

wood table- A wooden table is ideal for a carpeted room or where an accent rug is located under the table. A wooden table can add that warm wood texture to an empty space. There are many options for a wood finish to get the exact look you want. Try a whitewashed wood effect for a light and bright environment, or a darker wood stain for a moody office space.

white table-The white desk is ideal for a room with a parquet floor. The white desk contrasts with the warm texture of the wood and can be combined with other white furniture, even if the style is not exactly the same. White tables are great options for smaller home office spaces.

lacquered desk: A painted desk is a great option for a creative home office or a space in need of character. Choosing a neutral color like black, gray, or cream is always safe, but any color can be used; the user should feel that his desktop is his personal space.

wood finishOn the screen:For a lacquered table, a wooden top on the table is a great idea as you get the clear lacquer finish but the top has the texture and durability of wood. The wood grain is more hidden, so your table stays cleaner longer with a wooden surface.

Ideas for small tables in small spaces

Do you need a small table? If you're working with small spaces and need a small table, consider a vertical space with a side table or sofa, or add storage shelves above. Organization is key, so be sure to incorporate plenty of storage options. On open shelves, decorative containers or vases can be used to organize office supplies; think vases filled with pens or magazine folders filled with printer paper.

For students, the adjustable desk is a great option, as it is an all-in-one solution that does not need to be attached to the wall and can be easily moved. The inclined table occupies the vertical space, creating shelves at the top and bottom.

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Functional decoration for your table

A working home office system has minimal distractions and clutter, so keep unnecessary decoration to a minimum. But if you want to style your table with some plugins, do the following:

office chair-Choose an office chair that you love. Paired with a simple and clean desk, the chair will instantly add style no matter how simple your desk.

desk lamp- A desk lamp is a great way to add style to your desk without cluttering it up.

leg options-The leg option you choose for your table will determine the style of the table: a simple, square leg is perfect for modern styles. A twisted leg or X details are perfect for country looks.

house decoration- Other home accessories can be used on your desk at home, but be sure to use functional decor – think baskets, bins, vases for smaller items, and calendars, clocks, and bulletin boards for wall décor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Office Desks

Question: What is the difference between a computer desk and an executive desk?

Answer: An executive desk can float in space and is finished on all four sides. An executive desk is usually wider than a computer desk. A computer desk is usually placed against a wall.

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Question: What is a good size for a table?

Answer: A 60-inch-wide desk provides enough work space for most home offices.

Question: What is the average cost of a desk?

A quality table costs between $500 and $1,000. You can create a table for between $50 and $200.

Question: What size desktop do you need for dual monitors?

A 60-inch table is a good size for two monitors. Try a corner desk with two monitors, as this puts both screens at approximately the same distance from the user.


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