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Barn Dancing and Exuberance by KFH-The story of this show begins in 1939 in Wichita, KS. Two vaudeville veterans answer to the show's stars, Loie Bridge and Harry (Pappy) Cheshire. The show has evolved over time. Andy Crockett joined the station in 1939 and formed a group that would become a mainstay of the station and programming, The Ark Valley Boys. The other members of the show had a wide range of talents. One aspect may have been unique: a backdrop on the roof of the radio station that allowed for outdoor dancing under the stars.

minabelle century-She was Sara Minabelle Abbott. Sarah or Sary Wayne. Minabelle Abbott. Maria Sothern. Minabel Hutchins. Susan Russell. Read the role these names played in their careers. She went from legal secretary at Crosley Radio Stations to singer, then one of the most popular actresses in soap opera. When she finished that role, she returned to radio and took on another role. She rose to fame as a legend on Cincinnati Radio.

Sally Foster-She began her radio career as a teenager at WTMJ Badger State Barn Dance after being pushed into an audition. She was discovered by Uncle Ezra and moved to WLS. Then Pappy Cheshire found her and convinced her to go to KMOX in St. Louis. Luis. She went to Hollywood for a while. I headed back east to Richmond, VA. Then to WCCO in Minneapolis. She was known as "The girl with a smile in her voice."

Little George Haab-"Little" was a nickname earned perhaps because of its size. Already in 1934 (around the age of 20) he was mentioned in Microphone magazine as "Champion of the harmonica". He was one of the leading artists in the old WRVA."Programa Edgeworth Pipe Club' who had a 'corn cob pipe club'. Thereafter, she appeared in the initial version ofWRVA Old Dominion Barn Dancein 1940. He served in the United States Navy during World War II and received a Purple Heart.

Billy O'Connor (Jack y Bill)-It takes you back to the WSM Grand Ole Opry of the 1930s. A comedy duo was formed, one from Tennessee and one from the UK. They were known as Jack and Bill. They each had their own careers before and after they were together. In this case, it's about Billy.

Jack Thurston (Jack y Bill)-It takes you back to the WSM Grand Ole Opry of the 1930s. A comedy duo was formed, one from Tennessee and one from the UK. They were known as Jack and Bill. They each had their own careers before and after they were together. This is about Jack.

hank keene-His biography takes you back to the beginnings of country music. His personal performances, usually in the summer, were tent shows. He had a large group of entertainers who toured different cities, set up his tent, with a capacity for about 2,000 people, and entertained the public. For a while, through the fall and winter, he hooked up to a radio station and had a smaller band play wirelessly. One of his golf partners was Perry Como and that led to a story of its own.

mongo es sam-Monk and Sam were a comedic duo, vaudeville characters perhaps, but with humor full of corn and puns. Monk was born in England; he moved to the east coast with his family when he was young and later settled in Zanesville, Ohio. Sam was from Zanesville. They both wanted to be artists and bond, and the world wasn't the same when they started their ventures. Known as the "This 'n' That" guys, they created a concept called "Song Farm." So you must know all the comedians on the Grand Ole Opry? You'll probably have a giggle or two after reading his story.

Mickey (Primo Mickey) Pennington-Originally from Kansas, she began her musical journey in 1938 as part of a church program inspired by the "Major Bowes" program of the time. She was billed as a "hillbilly act." Because of her talent, she joined the KFH workforce in Wichita. Advertisements for her called her "...the greatest hairstylist of all time." She soon had her own morning show sponsored by her. Her sponsors included Nutrena Feeds, Tailor Made Feeds, Sarber Nurseries and the Carey Salt Company. While listeners first heard her as "Cousin Mickey" in a comedy role, her singing talents became known to listeners as Mickey Pennington. She was also part ofKFH stable dance and exuberancealso show

Miss Lee Morse y sus Blue Grass Boys

old fashioned romance

Dance stable WSB-We learned about the history of this show from author Wayne W. Daniel. He also provided some seeds with information about the shows. For about a decade, the weekly shows and who was running and what they were singing were in the papers. The show has evolved over time. This covers the period from around 1940 to 1950.

golden hill-He started singing with his brother Tommy. He joined KWKH Louisiana Hayride and worked with the likes of Webb Pierce and Billy Walker. Nashville called her and she worked at the WSM Grand Ole Opry. She married Carl Smith in 1957. She was also a part of the Philip Morris Country Show, which toured the country for over a year. She has also appeared in a few movies -Country Music CaravanmiTennessee-Jamboree.

cane vernon-Vernon Reed was one of the first cast members of KFH in Wichita. He was known for his writing and acting. He and his wife wanted to open a theater school after their marriage. His early days on radio crossed paths with another KFH star, Victor (Puny) Hawkins. He took on various roles in KF and later developed a character called "The Old Trader" who was part of theKFH barn dance and exuberance.He also participated in the popular "Seth Parker Singing School" show on KFH. Later in life, he tried his hand at politics.

merv abrillantador-Merv's bio has been updated on the website. The original was written over a decade ago. Merv just turned 99 and it seems only fitting to give fans more details about one of the coolest guys in the music business. A career of 70 years. He still performs today with his wife Marilyn. He enjoys the video of him with his Easter classic, Peter Cottontail.

Glenna (Strickland) McGinnis-He began his career in high school playing the piano for dances and on the local radio station in Pensacola, FL. She attended Peabody College in Nashville. There, before the age of 21, she appeared twice on the Grand Ole Opry and appeared on the first WLAC show. Upon her graduation and her subsequent marriage, she became Glenna McGinnis. Her career has focused on nutrition and food radio and she was a food editor for Woman's Day magazine for over 30 years. The reader might end up in the kitchen after reading your story.

gordito howard-Chubby Howard was from Goose Rock, Kentucky; a steel guitarist chosen for theStahlgitarreHall Of Famein 2015. His career has taken him to Florida, Northwest Washington, and Ohio. He was a musician in theBarn Dance in Renfro Valleyfor ten years. Along the way she met another steel guitarist, Shot Jackson, and they recorded two albums together. During the time that he played Boxcar Willie, he appeared in theWSM Grand Ole Opry26 mal.

dusty owens-Hillbilly-Music.com - Home of Old Country Music (16)Dusty tells us about his career in his own words. He contacted us out of the blue years ago and has become a good friend over the years. He started working on Chapter 3 of his biography, where he used to say: "That's where it all happened."
¡Chapter 2: WHO Iowa Barn Dance Frolic

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