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[Arthur/Merlin] [T+] [FULL/55.157 Wörter]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

[CHints:Child abuse (physical and psychological), corporal punishment, neglect, deprivation, mental illness, death, pet injury/death]

When Arthur was little Her Majesty locked him up because Arthur is a monster. Now Merlin wants to let Arthur out to prove that's not the case.
See, I just read that and had to sit and breathe for a few minutes afterwards becauseWow. Fuck. Basically, after Igraine's death, Uther freaks out and locks Arthur in the dungeons as punishment. Merlin lets him out when he comes of age and takes on the mammoth task of making him king. There's no quick fix, no magic bullet, and this is definitely not the Arthur you know and love, but his point of view is compelling and incredibly well done. The writing style isn't perfect - the characterizations are a bit iffy in my opinion and there are some technical errors (mainly then/what and there), but everything is so raw and complete and every now and then there's an absolute gem. a line that makes you copy and paste things and shove them in other people's facesand get like crazy. If nothing else, read this because it is acharmingwritten by himself, whatever its shortcomings as a fan fiction.

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/99,285 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

[Hints:Prostitution (including situations of doubtful or questionable consent), coercion, discrimination and prejudice]

In a society where those with magic are considered dangerous, labeled aberrant, and have their powers cut off, Merlin does what he can to survive the harsh life he faces. Desperately in need of money, Merlin's Lord Aredian arranges and offers a magically binding contract in which Merlin will become a "mate" of Uther Pendragon's son Arthur. And when Merlin is forced to accept it, he never thought one man could change his life so completely.
i love loveamarthe characterization in this fiction, Merlin's stubborn independence and Arthur's idiotic insistence on doing the right thing, and how they learn from each other. I'm always hesitant about sex scenes in situations where the relationship isn't exactly consensual in the usual sense, but this fic handles potential issues well and still manages to build a compelling relationship. One of my favorite fictions.

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/112,645 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

A modern magical comedy loosely based on Ugly Betty. Publishing king Uther Pendragon is fed up with his Playboy son seducing every assistant he's ever had, so he hires Merlin, a man he's convinced Arthur will never sleep. Merlin would be even more offended by this fact if he weren't so busy juggling his duties, saving Arthur's skin from relentless fashionistas while keeping his magic a secret. Expect the appearance of oil-covered knights, the occasional insane druid, a perverted Will, and a mad janitor who lives in the basement and constantly insists on coins and fate.

I have a soft spot for modern AUs where Merlin is Arthur's personal assistant and this fits perfectly. An interesting plot and twist where Merlin is a wizard but has little control over his powers until he meets Arthur. An entertaining read.

All the dead are here because of Footloose
[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/46,438 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]
[Hints:blood, body horror, graphic violence]

There's not much out of Arthur's reach; Finally, all creatures fall under the reaper's scythe. It's never personal. it's just your job That was until Arthur met the only death he regretted: Merlin, who is inexplicably alive and well. But that's not all. There are monsters that exist outside of life and death, and they're spreading like worms through the City of London. The balance is in jeopardy and Merlin may be the only one who can help him restore order to the chaos.

So this is the Merlin zombie!au that you never expected to be good, but unexpectedly it was. Arthur is a reaper tasked with maintaining the balance between life and death. Merlin is... well, nobody's sure, but he's magical and he can't die. The two met once during the war and have missed each other ever since. It's nice and painful, albeit a little slow at first, and then the zombie apocalypse hits and Arthur meets Merlin again and all of a sudden you're not sure if you should cheer or hide behind the couch because zombies, right? Delightfully inventive and surprisingly compelling for such a seemingly insane premise. It's worth reading.

Ashes, embers, flames of the impossible


[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/65,453 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

[Hints:Child abuse (mental), mental illness, kidnapping, violence/harassment and obsessive behavior (nonsexual), mention of homophobia (especially towards police/authorities), possessiveness!Arthur]

Merlin sees him in a crowded room and immediately spills his beer all over the back of the couch and down the neck of an unfortunate stranger.

So, um, I spotted this fic at 1am and freaked out because it's from the same person who wrote it.Gadareno, What. My God. It took a lot of willpower not to read everything at once, so I spent the next day ignoring my class because of it. Oops. However, it was so worth it. I went into the warnings in great detail because the author shows some pretty obscure stuff (most of it isn't explicit, but the effects are pretty detailed); However, the writing is excellent and the slow reveal of Arthur's past is very well done. It basically transposes the canon into the modern world with an interesting twist, and I loved how everything was handled. I'm glad I found this one.

August by rageprufrock
[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/10,217 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

Merlin looked at Arthur uncertainly. "Have you ever baked bread?" I ask. / "How hard could it be?" said Arthur.

I'm sure fandom in general would agree that rageeprufrock is awesome, but in case it wasn't said enough, rageeprufrock is awesome. Merlin and Arthur go to Ealdor to celebrate Hunith's birthday. Arthur is ridiculously cute and Merlin is ridiculously in love, there's summer confession by the lake and sex in a tree house, and it's all delicious and so full of character it hurts. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Bring back the sun with Pushdragons

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/28,899 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

[Hints:body mutilation/self-mutilation, blood, grief, suicidal thoughts, death of main character (probably)]

Inexplicable things are happening around Arthur. In the end he can only accept that he is cursed with magic. Magic must be eradicated and Arthur shows no mercy.

Do yourself a favor and have a box of tissues handy as you read — the author specializes in spotting character flaws and ruthlessly exploiting them. Arthur's reaction to his own (alleged) magical powers is heartbreaking, and both his pain and Merlin's are palpable throughout the story. Luckily, while he enjoys breaking your heart into pieces, he also puts you back together, and the ending (now with a bonus epilogue!) makes it worth the trip. One of my favorite fictions.

The Fate That Darkly Hides Us by Nympha_Alba
[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/40,487 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]
[Hints:homophobia and discrimination, war and violence in general, death of main characters (temporary)]

The year is 1913, the practice of homosexuality is illegal, as is the practice of magic. When Arthur Pendragon and Merlin Emrys meet as Cambridge students, they both long for a real, true connection with no secrets. For a moment they think they've found him. But war breaks out and separates them, and it seems unlikely they will ever see each other again. Because what are the odds?

I read it a long time ago and lost sight of it for a while, but it always stays in the back of my mind. The writing style is excellent, maybe a bit literary for a fanfiction, but it's timely and a real pleasure to read. I also remember it being terribly sad (the tags say "heartbreak" for a reason lol), but on re-reading I find the ending more than makes up for it. veryBridal head relaunchedSatisfystudent prince,leaves a lasting impression. One of my favourites.

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/~11,300 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

[Hints:possibly dubious consent]

Merlin accidentally makes everyone in Camelot fall in love with him. Everyone except Arthur, that is.

This fic is basically hilarious. I love it. Poor Merlin is so helpless in the face of Camelot's sudden and alarming devotion to him, while Arthur just tries to pretend everything is perfectly normal and he isn't going mad with jealousy. Simple, cute and very, very funny. The only thing to note is that this is a love spell gone wrong, so Merlin's suitors aren't really acting of their own free will, and there is some debate and fear regarding the consent issues involved.

Gadarene of the impossible

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/76,831 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

[Hints:Rape/non-coup (not Arthur/Merlin), physical and sexual violence, slavery, mental illness]

(Video) Merlin TV Series Review

"Are you the prince?" says Merlin and looks at him. He hesitates, then adds defiantly, "The Mad Prince of Camelot."

Arthur doesn't move. Long silence, then he says. "I am."

"You don't look angry," he says.

The smile springs from somewhere deep and very sad. "Well, Merlin," he says, "give me time."

I love this fiction mainly because it deals with court politics and the way it portrays Arthur's "madness" while keeping the essence of his personality and character. The author doesn't mince words and the fiction certainly hits you where it hurts most, but watching Arthur's journey from a trapped and powerless puppet to a king in his own right is incredibly satisfying. Merlin's loyalty and devotion are also emphasized, particularly in the scenes dealing with Arthur's illness, and the fiction directly and intelligently confronts the physical and emotional implications of the situation for both characters. plot device. .

Gibraltar may fall, she's gone

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/~25,000 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

[Hints:Death of main character (temporary)]

Merlin's life in London is a bit complicated: his career is stuck somewhere between student and professional, his love life is caught up in a relationship that has ended, and most days he feels in the small flat he shares physically trapped. underway until an unexpected opportunity sends him ashore. There, she meets someone who might be in an even worse situation than she is: Arthur, a Victorian-era sea captain literally caught between life and death, refusing to leave the house in whoever died longest . A hundred years ago. years ago.

This is by far my absolute favorite fic in this fandom, with the possible exception ofthe student prince. I can't even begin to give you all the reasons why I love this. If you wantThe Phantom and Mrs. Muir, ghost stories, tragic (but not doomed) romance, reincarnation and eternal love, this is basically the fiction for you.

Vagabond with no hope of Magnolia822
[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/18,553 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]
[Hints:amnesia, grief]

Merlin has wandered the world alone for hundreds of years; One day a young blond man comes up the stairs. But does Arthur remember? Post S5 reincarnation fic. spoiler

If you're looking for a well-crafted resurrection/reincarnation fic that hits all the right notes, I definitely recommend this one. Merlin is old and has lived too long; Arthur is still young and has no idea who he is. They do find each other though, and in the true spirit of fix-it-fic everywhere, they put together everything that's broken canon (including my heart). The perfect post-canon fic when the thrills are getting to be too much and you just want everyone to have happily ever after.

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/22,841 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

[Hints:Discussion of amnesia/brain damage and injuries in military, addresses grief/guilt of survivors]

Arthur returns and finds an old friend, a new world, and a second chance. (My canon happy ending for Merlin)

I'll be honest and say that I've barely read this book - the writing style is a little bumpy in places, but when given a chance it really packs a big emotional punch. I enjoyed the way the author developed the characters and Arthur and Merlin's relationship in the modern world, as well as aspects of the original Arthurian myths (like Merlin briefly turning into a tree). It's a little touching, but ultimately a satisfying coda to the series finale.

I Owe You A Love Song by lady_ragnell
[Arthur/Merlin] [T] [COMPLETE/10,193 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

In which Arthur courts Gwen via a mixed CD (and other media) and Merlin is a backward Cyrano de Bergerac who builds robots.

Lady Ragnell is one of my favorite authors in this fandom and I was delighted to find this little gem while browsing AO3. I love multimedia fics and this is so cute and funny it hits all the right notes. Best of all, there are two other accompanying fictions based on the same verse. Feel good, student!

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [FULL/9754 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

What were Adam's apples for anyway? Because apparently, despite the sex-change curse his not-too-discomfortable death-cloak cast over Arthur, Merlin was still the woman.

In which Arthur is transformed into a girl, flaunting his newfound breasts just too much to placate the master, and finally enthusiastically deflowered by his irritatingly attractive maid. Good Arthur POV, lots of mutual devotion and a crack side.

Zarathuse sewing

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/18,793 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

[Hints:body horror, light blood]

In which Merlin saves Arthur's life. Oh. Mainly. Hijinx are produced. (Sadly more serious than it sounds.)

I don't usually like dark Merlin stories, but this one is beautiful in its richness and imagery, and Merlin isn't all that dark, so I fell in love with him. Based on Russian mythology about Koschei the Immortal and featuring random soul ties, zombie! Arthur (sort of) and a happy ending.
(Video) everyone being in love with merlin for 8 minutes

Of Kohl and Kings of Riventhorn

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/17,151 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

In which Merlin makes the mistake of defying fate and finds himself in a fairytale world surrounded by monsters, witches and a very annoying Pendragon. Written for Rotrude for the merlin_holidays festival in lj.

This is the adorable fusion of Lewis Carroll and Merlin you never knew you wanted. A good mix of canon and modern universes, with great characterizations and a touch of reincarnation to top it off.

About Frogs, Wizards and Kings of Eos Rose

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/6469 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

Merlin finds his exile quite lonely. One day he brings a friend home from a nearby lake.

My only complaint about this fic is that it's not longer. Merlin is banished from Camelot and becomes a hermit, with only the creatures of the forest for company. One day he meets an oddly intelligent frog and the rest is history. Loved the characterization of it - totally believable as early canon combined with all your favorite elementsThe former and future kingjThe Frog Prince.

Onfindan de astolat

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/15,827 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

Arthur didn't speak to him for a week after finding out.

I think this is one of my favorite Magic Reveal fics in the fandom. Funny, sweet and believable, this is a beautiful look at the mutual devotion between Arthur and Merlin and how things could have been if Merlin's magic had become an open secret between them.

Pendragons aren't the only fruit (unless they are)
[Arthur/Merlin] [R] [FULL/~40,000 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]
[Hints:intercourse between stepbrothers after distance]

Merlin was adopted as a baby, he always knew that, but when he turned twenty he discovered he had a half-sister: the feisty and somewhat frightening Morgana. Merlin moved to sleepy Camelot to be closer to her and settled down as a mild-mannered greengrocer who indulged his passion for seasonal produce. To make things even better, Morgana's adoptive brother is returning from the States and Merlin will have a brother too! Life is very rosy. But... Arthur Pendragon is not what Merlin expected at all. He's cocky, funny, handsome - and puzzles Merlin at every turn. But the truth is, Merlin doesn't find his new breed of maybe-not brother attractive. That would be strange, right?

A full year of fruit shakes, a green Morris Minor van named Karl, musical theater songs, water balloons, mutant strawberries, an ex-boyfriend and Arthur's last phone call. Merlin thinks he needs to go to bed.

What I liked the most about this fic was the atmosphere: the small town is lovingly portrayed, and the parties, the little shops and everything did that richness and texture very well. Bonus points for unusual professions (Merlin is a greengrocer and Morgana is onebotanical), absolutely cute bonding scenes (the CAR is good), excellent characterization and overall size.

Perfect by Shinybug
[Arthur/Merlin] [T+] [FULL/6077 Wörter]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

"Never in my life," explains Arthur, taking the towel and roughly pressing it to Merlin's soaked face, "have I met anyone less suited to servant work than you."

Arthur makes the mistake of mentioning his previous servant, Edward, who (by all accounts) was absolutely perfect and with whom he was absolutely not in love. Merlin is not jealous, and he definitely takes no responsibility for surpassing his predecessor. Charming little fiction starring the insecure!Arthur denying himself!Merlin and some hilarious moments where they both realize they aren't as alone with their feelings as they thought.

Prince Arthur Flower Bed by melblue
[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/17,199 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]
[Hints:sleepwalking, (consensual) use of restraints]

Arthur doesn't like flowers, poetry, doves or honey cake, so he doesn't like romance. Or the?
I'll get straight to the point and say this is for the bestHilariouspiece of crack!fic I read a long time ago; It's the perfect combination of goofy and cute to always make me smile. During the night, flowers started appearing on Prince Arthur's bed and he wasn't amused, so he and Merlin went in search of the culprit. However, things don't go to plan when they discover the culprit is itEsmerejon, and that there may be some things he's been hiding from Arthur (and himself) for a long time. With Uther (and Gaius) arranging flowers, more roses than anyone can handle, and the occasional judicious use of handcuffs. For scientific purposes only, of course.

Same river twice from kianspo
[Arthur/Merlin] [T+] [FULL/21.574 Wörter]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]
[Hints:intention of sexual aggression, internalized homophobia]

AU really real. When Arthur, Prince of Wales was seventeen, he made a mistake that still haunts him. Eight years later, can he finally get it right?

Okay, I'll admit I'm a total fan of modern AU royalty and the whole childhood love meets adult trope, but even without that this fic is lovely. Charming characterization, a sweet little romance, and good use of flashbacks to flesh out the backstory. A great read.

(Video) Hogwarts Legacy Best Talents You Need To Get (Hogwarts Legacy Talents)

The King and his Magician of Tarayith
[Arthur/Merlin] [R] [COMPLETE/~10,000 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]
[Hints: Character Death (not Merlin or Arthur)]

Many stories are told about King Arthur's court. This is a story from before the legends began.Merlin wakes up in Arthur's bed five times and discovers time travel.

I love the ingenuity of this fiction - it takes elements from the legends (like Merlin has a rather... odd relationship with the times) and integrates them with parts of the show to form a fiction that is at once funny, heartbreaking and absolutely wonderful. . Featuring special guest appearances from the Major! Arthur (who is wonderful), the eldest! Merlin (who is a cheeky bastard) and Arthur and Merlin bits in between.

[Arthur/Merlin] [M] [COMPLETE/6760 words]

[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]

[Hints:internalized homophobia]

Arthur is expected to be many things, but gives himself a weekend to forget all the things he was meant to be.

This is a wonderful piece of fiction - every time I read it I am so sad and so happy at the same time. The writing is easy enough, much of Arthur's backstory isn't revealed, but it's clever enough that you can't help but hear everything he doesn't say loud and clear. The relationship is also absolutely adorable. A quiet, sensitive little story that's perfect from start to finish.

We Do These Jobs To Make Some Money (Nobody Gets Hurt If They Don't Be Funny) by leahy_bebes
[Arturo/Merlin][E][FULL/48,918 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]
[Hints:Crime and violence in general, kidnapping, sex under false pretenses]

Arthur and his friends have been making money this way for years. That's all they know and they're good enough to get away with it. Merlin reluctantly works at a bank and wishes his days were over. Their worlds collide and everything changes.

Also known as: Round table bank robbers.

I stopped reading this one for a while because I just couldn't see it working: Arthur, a bank robber? But the author pulls it off surprisingly well, and I love his immediate connection to Merlin. The supporting characters are well developed and the plot may lack a little conflict, but it makes up for it by being a very fun ride.

What kind of child is this? by lamardeus

[Arthur/Merlin] [E] [COMPLETE/30,154 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]
[Hints: The plot deals with the issue of child abandonment]

A modern AU featuring Merlin, Arthur, Chaos, a baby and a jingling elf hat.

Granted, I tend to avoid Vacation!Fics in general, but it was worth resisting. Also, it's by Lamardeuse, one of my favorite authors across many different fandoms, so I knew it had to be good. And this was. Merlin works for Arthur at his father's department store over the Christmas holidays and finds an abandoned baby in Santa's high chair at the mall. What comes next is pretty much all Christmas-themed rom-com cliché, with the delightful addition of a reluctant father! Arthur and Merlin are amazing and capable foster parents. Free after the movie.single mother.

Here comes the morning by andraste_oz/vanessarama

[Arthur/Merlin] [PG] [FULL/5800 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]
[Hints:blood, infection, bright blood, outdated medical procedures]

Merlin is bitten by a snake. Arthur tries to help. There is a magical manifestation of a different color.

Well written, pure pain and comfort with excellent characterization and an interesting twist on the usual magical reveal idea.

You're a mile away and you've got her shoes by mad_maudlin

[Arthur/Merlin] [PG-13] [COMPLETE/~22,000 words]
[Recommended by: labeteglatissante]
[Hints:crack (and, um, more like a bunch of squashed toads)]

Arthur wanted to know what was going on in Merlin's head. He just didn't mean it that wayliterally.

Basically, all you have to know is that this is crack!fic of the best kind. Arthur and Merlin switch bodies (sort of) and live (sort of) thanks to some magic rings (mostly), with Arthur becoming Merlin's servant and Merlin becoming the king's son. The author manages to do this without losing the essence of either character, and the way they subtly blend together when Arthur loses his memory is very well done. The plot is... well, it's a rift, and there may or may not be holes in the universeWhat aGrapes involved but it's totally hilarious and sure to put a smile on your face.

(Video) NVIDIA GTC May 2020 Keynote Pt4: NVIDIA Merlin for Recommendation Systems


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