The 4 best IKEA computers (2023)

Create a great work-from-home space with these computer desks from IKEA.

The 4 best IKEA computers (1)

Finding furniture with a stylish design and multiple functions, but without a high price tag, is quite difficult. Fortunately, you can find a decent option in the IKEA online store.

This Swedish-Dutch company produces high-quality products. So if you are looking for the best computer desk from IKEA, all you need to do is turn to this online retailer instead of wasting your time and money on questionable products.

The 4 best IKEA computer desks

  1. ikea white table-in the color white
  2. ikea mickey-rectangular computer desk
  3. IKEA black-brown-in the color black
  4. IKEA desk-PC table made of wood products

Whether you're looking for an IKEA computer desk for the home or office, this article will help you find the most popular options. Please read the brief but comprehensive descriptions of each model and good luck with your choice.

1. IKEA White Desk

White computer table from Ikea

The 4 best IKEA computers (2)

Dimensions:56 x 20 x 29 inches (W x H x D) |Weight:59 pounds

  • ✚ Fits in small spaces
  • ✚ Write and wipe the surface
  • ✚ Laptop friendly
  • The drawers have an opening in the back wall.
  • medium quality


This white IKEA computer desk is part of the Micke series. This is a space-saving option that comes with a work surface, a storage compartment, two drawers, adjustable shelves above the table, and a magnetic board on the back wall.

The desk is available in two color variants, white and black-brown. If you want to combine it with other furniture, you can consider the other options in the Micke series.

2. Mickey the IKEA

rectangular computer desk

The 4 best IKEA computers (4)

Dimensions:19,63 x 41,38 x 29,5 Zoll (B x T x A) |Weight:69.7 pounds

  • ✚ Looks good anywhere in the room
  • ✚ Comes with drawer stops
  • ✚ An excellent option for cables and wires
  • ✚ Clean dry cloth
  • caro
  • medium quality


This is a stylish IKEA PC table with a minimalist design. It fits perfectly in any part of your room. Additionally, you can complement your interior with other desks or drawers from the same series for a more unified look.

A well thought out layout allows you to organize all your cables and keep them from cluttering up your workspace. To clean the surface, wipe with a clean, damp cloth and neutral detergent.

Then use a clean, dry cloth. When setting up an add-on unit, make sure the entire furniture combination is anchored to one wall to prevent tipping.

3. IKEA black-brown

black wooden computer desk

The 4 best IKEA computers (6)

Dimensions:19,63 x 55,88 x 29,5 Zoll (B x T x A) |Weight:58 pounds

  • ✚ Wireless design
  • ✚ You can join the legs to both sides
  • ✚ Can double as a two-person workstation
  • ✚ Includes drawer stops
  • Poor quality of materials
  • caro


This model will be the best IKEA computer desk to organize a workspace for two. You can hide your cables in the special compartment at the back of the table to create a space free of cables and clutter.

Depending on your needs, you can place the legs on the right or on the left. You can place this table anywhere in the room. It can also serve as a room divider. Drawer locks prevent it from falling out.

4. Mesa IKEA

PC table made of wood products

The 4 best IKEA computers (8)

Dimensions:55 x 26,5 x 6 Zoll (B x T x A) |Weight:94.8 pounds

  • ✚ Fits anywhere in the room
  • ✚ Clean a surface with a dry cloth
  • ✚ You can join the legs to both sides
  • medium quality
  • caro


This is a sturdy and easy to assemble IKEA computer desk. It has a special section under the table that allows you to hide any wires and cables. So you can create an organized workplace and have all the necessary cables at hand.

Due to the finish on the back, this table can be placed anywhere in the room. This model includes a storage unit that you can place on the right or left depending on your room layout or preference.

The 4 best IKEA computers (10)


our choice
  • Dimensions: 56 x 20 x 29 inches (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 59 pounds
The 4 best IKEA computers (11)


  • Dimensions: 19.63 x 41.38 x 29.5 inches (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 69.7 pounds
The 4 best IKEA computers (12)


  • Dimensions: 19.63 x 55.88 x 29.5 inches (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 58 pounds

How to choose the best IKEA computer table?

The 4 best IKEA computers (13)


Before you choose the size of a desk, you need to determine how much space it will take up in your bedroom. Measure how much space you need for your desk and consider the extra space for the chair. Table chairs occupy about 5 square meters. Once you've determined exactly how much space you have, the table's features become more critical.

table height

You may consider a more ergonomic option with an adjustable seat and stand. However, if you choose a fixed-height desk, you'll need to choose a desk that adjusts to your height to maintain good posture.


L-shaped. This configuration has a large desktop surface that provides plenty of space for your work. It is also a space saving option as you can place this table in the corner of your room.

U-shaped. Although this configuration takes up a lot of space, it is useful for creating multiple workspaces.

Corner. This is an excellent option for those who need a table that does not take up much space. However, they reach a small surface area. These types of tables require minimal setup or additional hardware to assemble.

ergonomics and health

Proper desk, monitor mount, keyboard and chair adjustments are key factors in maintaining good posture and avoiding neck strain. Fortunately, IKEA computer desks offer top-notch ergonomics. A good example is an adjustable-height sit-stand table.


The 4 best IKEA computers (14)

IKEA makes desks from different materials. They can be made of wood, plastic, imitation wood (chipboard), glass, steel, etc.

weight capacity

If you're shopping for an IKEA PC table to place a huge setup, consider how much weight a given model can handle. Make sure your table is strong enough to safely hold all your heavy equipment without bouncing or falling apart.

Frequent questions

  • • Is the Linnmon table resistant?

In addition to being robust and stable, it is extremely easy to assemble. The bar in the middle isn't that intrusive, but if you're long-legged and sitting in the middle, you're likely to touch your feet. Despite this, this desk is a perfect option for those who need a lot of space.

  • • Is it worth investing in IKEA desks?

IKEA desks are generally of medium to good quality, reasonably priced, and fairly durable, even with heavy use.

  • • Can you build your own table at IKEA?

IKEA table tops and legs allow you to compose your desk according to your preferences and interior.

  • • What is the best depth for a table?

A work surface that is 20 to 30 inches high and 24 inches wide is ideal for general desktop use.

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