The Best Crossword Dictionaries: Online and Print (2023)

The Best Crossword Dictionaries: Online and Print (1)

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Are you looking for a dictionary to help you with your game? Whether you want a book to flip through or prefer a website or app, there are many great options to help you solve hard-to-solve crosswords. Read this list of best crossword puzzle dictionaries carefully and you will be well on your way to solving the puzzle of finding the best crossword solving tool that best suits your needs.

The 4 best crossword dictionaries

Every serious crossword game needs at least one crossword dictionary on its shelf! These top notch crossword dictionary options are considered by crossword enthusiasts to be some of the best of the best. Not only are they easy to use and easy on the eyes, but they also come with a large library of answer words andword strategiesto help you solve even the most difficult crossword puzzles.


Andrew Swanfeldt's Dictionary of Crossword Puzzles

ÖAndrew Swanfeldt's Dictionary of Crossword Puzzlesoffers an instant search system that groups words by letter count instead of sorting them alphabetically. For example, if you're looking for an eight-letter word that means "with joy," you can search for "joy" in the instant search system and instantly find an eight-letter synonym (happiness).

This dictionary's unique instant search feature really makes Swanfeldt's dictionary one of the best for puzzles. That's why it's one of theThe ten best crossword dictionariesrecommended by the BestReviews guide.Amazon reviewersThey say the book is comprehensive and in a clear, easy-to-understand format. You can find this at various online bookstores for around $17.


One Million Word Crossword Dictionary, Second Edition

The crossword puzzle dictionary with millions of wordsgets high marks for its comprehensive list of words, along with the fact that it containsmodern jargonand is printed in large, legible type. These are some of the reasons why it is Top Rated Crossword Dictionary.

This comprehensive riddle-solving resource has over a million answers and includes works of literature, TV shows, brands, films, synonyms, and famous people like Jim Carrey. taking crossword dictionaries to the next level,The crossword puzzle dictionary with millions of wordsincludes an introduction by Will Shortz, editor ofThe New York Times newspaperCrossword section. It sells for around $20.


Crossword dictionary for beginners.

Getting into the crossword puzzle game? Then,Crossword dictionary for designed for you. Created especially for newbies, this crossword dictionary offers tips and tricks on how to avoid common crossword pitfalls, such as the fact that "spar" and "spat" are four-letter synonyms for sparring.

Crossword dictionary for beginners.provides a general crossword entry help that you can use as a quick reference. Available for less than $10, this unique spot for crossword beginners is featured in theAmazon bestseller list.

Websters New World Dictionary of Crosswords, 2. Aufl.

Last but not least, among the printed crossword dictionaries,Webster's Dictionary of New World Crosswordsis a fan favorite. Topping many top lists, including MSN's Best Crossword Dictionaries, this comprehensive reference for puzzle enthusiasts offers over 300,000 answers and how-to guides.

One of the reasons puzzlers love this dictionary is that it's convenient, fast, and sorted alphabetically and by the number of letters in a word. It has a table for subcategories likeShakespeare's works, so finding a difficult entry can be a breeze. You can get it at most bookstores for around $17.


Top 4 Free Online Crossword Dictionaries

If you prefer to search online rather than using a printed dictionary, there are many online dictionaries and crossword apps designed to do thatPunenthusiasts in mind. These user-friendly gems aren't usually as comprehensive as a textbook, but they can be a lot more handy. You can use your hint to look up definitions, anagrams, etcword lists. For example, many online dictionaries allow you to look up six-letter words.starting with "a"or three-letter words ending in "e". Discover the best online dictionaries for crossword lovers to try.

You are in the right place! A comprehensive online dictionary with thousands of entries,your dictionaryallows you to search for answers using letters or search definitions. Finding synonyms is very easy with the simplethesaurus resource. ÖCitation topics in the example areaIt can also be useful for puzzlers looking for hard-to-find literary references or famous sayings.

WordFinder von YourDictionaryIt is especially useful for crossword enthusiasts. WordFinder offers aanagram solver, along with a plethora of other tricks that crosswords can use. Using WordFinder for crossword puzzles is easy. All you have to do is "?" up to two wildcard spaces to get your answer quickly. For example, "hammer" can come from "?amm?r". It is also available asa mobile application,


camera dictionary

ÖOnline dictionary for camerasis the favorite resource for crossword lovers for online polls. Besides the free online edition, this tool is available in a highly rated app overGoogle Play. This search guide allows puzzlers to consult a comprehensive dictionary as well as a thesaurus and a biographical dictionary.

Chambers Word Assistant gives you instant solutions to word puzzles. Designed for puzzles, this unique feature allows you to use a "?" for missing letters. This online resource also contains a general knowledge base full of crossword-specific information to help you in your crossword puzzle journey.

Collins dictionary

One of the leading online dictionaries popular with crossword puzzlers,Collins Online Dictionary Englishoffers a variety of features to help players quickly solve crossword puzzles. Because of this, it is among the top picks forLanguageLearningBase.

The easy-to-use search tool allows you to quickly search for dictionaries, thesaurus and even translators. Collins also has popular tools like buzzwords and a word of the dayExpand your vocabulary. The word list function in this dictionary gives you quick access to politicians, composers and writers.

sky crossword

sky crosswordis a simple yet powerful online resource for solving crossword puzzles. The description on the website calls it a "crossword search engine". is recommended byAndroid authorityas one of the best online crossword dictionaries. The site has over a million clues and its database contains most of the English words.

With Crossword Heaven, you can search for clues and type in any information you already know (like specific letters in specific positions). Instead of typing a question mark for unknowns, you should leave spaces on this page. You can also enter a pattern and get a list of words that match the pattern.

Best Resources for Crossword Puzzle Answers

Finding a crossword dictionary is not difficult as there are many options in print or online. Use the suggestions here to narrow your search to the best of the best. if you like to solveprintable crosswordsor riddles in books or newspapers, the resources you will find here will help you succeed.

While you're at it, go beyond the crossword and find oneword solver. You can find these tooExamples of anagramsto be helpful. With the right tools, you can have tons of fun solving all kinds of word puzzles!

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